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Introducing our Groomer, Jennifer!

Jennifer has over 4 years of experience in grooming dogs of all breeds and sizes ranging from Poodles and Schnauzers to Huskies, Labradors and Mastiffs.


Jennifer and the team also have experience with dogs of varying behaviours from relaxed and well-mannered dogs to fearful and even dogs who try to bite the groomer and work diligently to create a calm and positive environment for your dog.


You are more than welcome to book your pup in for a day of Daycare along with their groom.

Please note, if you cannot collect your pet within the first hour of being groomed a Daycare fee of up to $53 may apply if they have not already booked in for daycare.

Dog Wash



Available for dogs of all breeds, styles, ages and sizes


  • Starting at $40


Happy Dog


Available for dogs ranging in size, age, breed and style

  • Starting at $65


Extra fees will apply based on size, length of clip, matting and behaviour.


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